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« Weltmusik, wie sie intensiver und hochklassiger kaum sein kann »

Westerwälder Zeitung (D)

« Seducing you to carefree cheerfulness. »

Mirjam Jessa, Radio Ö1 / A

« Probably the most innovative and multifaceted band,

Austria has to offer. »

Werner Leiss, Concerto Magazin / A

« Pretty much irresistible. »

Sing Out! / USA

« Everything's just: Music. »

Guido Tartarotti - Kurier / A

« High-spirited and brilliant »

Wolfsburger Nachrichten (D)

Hotel Haydn

The mirage project consists of a poster and booklet element. The initial step was the creation of the poster where word-image fusion, diagram, and representative images were created and arranged based on their relationship to the naturally occurring mirage phenomenon.

dudelsäcke, maultrommel, jodeln, klarinette, schalmeien ...
Albin Paulus
The Band
sax, bass, piano, beatboxing ...
Peter Natterer
geige, nyckelharpa, diat. akkordeon...
Stephan Steiner
Audio & Video
With Marialena Fernandes (Piano): Klassik-Weltmusik-Crossover
Hotel Haydn
guitar, vocals
Andreas Neumeister