Date Artist Venue City
12.6.2024 /aktuell/#tour Hotel Palindrone Museum St. Peter/Sperr Hotel Palindrone in AT - 2700 Wiener Neustadt
Time: 19:30. Address: Johannes von Nepomuk-Platz 1.
21.6.2024 /aktuell/#tour Hotel Palindrone Lohninghof Hotel Palindrone in AT - 5700 Thumersbach
Time: 20:00.
22.6.2024 /aktuell/#tour Hotel Palindrone Festival Alpine Music Hotel Palindrone in CH - 7270 Davos
Time: 18:00. Address: Arkadenplatz Promenade 85c.
11.10.2024 /aktuell/#tour Hotel Palindrone Sargfabrik Hotel Palindrone in AT - 1140 Wien
Time: 19:30. Address: Goldschlagstraße 169.


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Hotel Palindrone - am Sa 29.4. Tanz und Musikgenuss in der Sargfabrik Wien. Gäste: The Moving Pints -…

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